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Want to know the reason why it feels like you've been moving around in circles with your idea without substantial results... 

You say to yourself, There can be more to my current execution approach and you just know doing it the same way you've been executing previous ideas is not even an option.

You want to increase your influence and impact and even begin to earn profitably from your idea. And to top the chat, Doing guesswork was obviously going to ruin everything you desire so now, you want real strategy to guide you.

You see people talk boldly about their expertise and experiences and Launch expressions from it, These expressions even go ahead to open more doors for them; They land promotions, transition careers, secure global sponsorships, land paid speaking engagements and premium opportunities and you know, this can be your story too.

And you don't want to have do it one time, you don't want to play small or passive, you want to do it substantial and record real influence and impact from it and you know to do this, you'll need a well developed roadmap to take you from desires to delightful execution. Execution that doesn't compromise on your values and a Launch that doesn't leave you feeling drained or tossed to and fro by trial and error.

If this is what you want, I have just the right strategies and mind shifts you need to embrace and you wont be my first success story because I have helped Impact Driven Individuals Solve Pressing Problems by Packaging and Promoting their Expertise and Solution through Profitable Launches and your Launch Success Story can be the next! 

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Martina Anene

Personal Transformation Strategist

I wanted to get clear methods and strategies for my launch. I didn’t want an ordinary launch. I wanted a launch that will reflect on the quality and excellence of my brand/services. 

People reach out to me to help them improve their performance, create their unique life design/system and show them how to build a structure that helps them fulfill their dream and become better versions of themselves. But so far, I had been doing free work and it wasn't the most in-depth, I knew I could do more and so I decided to work with Deborah.

For me, I just wanted to be more confident about my Launch and the impact I desire to make in the world, but with Deborah, It was more. We revamped everything, created a winning framework, and in few weeks, my content and general approach took a new turn and I landed a high ticket client even before an actual Launch.

Best part, It was so easy that I kept asking why I didn't say yes to this all along and now, my work has more value

Who would have thought…

If you are anything like me, you cant seem to sweep the uneasy feeling under your feet when you see someone drowning with a problem you know you have the skills and strengths to help them solve. 

One major thing that's sponsoring your passion and drive for execution is true impact, so that makes the two of us, but it doesn't end there.

And because passion has led you so far, you've started taking steps to solve the problem. You've spoken about it in close circles, hand held a few people to see a new light with your skill set, you've even launched some products, programs or platforms to address this in the past but deep down you know, this problem isn't something shallow, so now, you want to structure your impact and infuse systems into what you do so its purposeful and profitable. 

If you think this way, then we think alike because that's what set me on this path as a Launch Strategist. I just wanted to solve a pressing problem but I knew I couldn't keep playing the passive or when I feel like game with this idea anymore, I had to become real and intentional with it. 

In the past 2 years and counting, I've mastered what it takes to confidently create impact and income by launching and scaling innovative ideas, made my own fair share of mistakes, spoken to thousands of people and worked with hundreds to birth ideas and reinvent themselves in the process all while balancing the mindset and methods that Launching Requires. 

I knew what God would have me do, but it seemed cumbersome in my head. I needed clarity of my why, how, what, even when.

" Working with Deborah gave me access to heavyweight insight that brought me clarity, even wisdom I didn't know would speak to where I am and where I want to launch and it became easy to put my best foot forward."

Beulah Julius


I had big questions on Executing on my ideas. Who will buy my products? How will I manufacture my products?

" After a session, I started to see a path forward. I am an overthinker, so it was refreshing to hear you nullify all my fears with practicable strategies that I could do straight away. I literally have no excuses and I am excited to launch

Kemi Ashamu


Before the session, I had the mindset that my fulfilment and relevance in life was tied to the amount of money I had. This made me place less value and worth on myself since I haven't acquired the level of wealth I consider to be what will make me level up, and find fulfilment and satisfaction in life

" You listened to my perspective without judging me, and helped me see life through God's lens. It took away the false pressure I had associated with making impact and income"

Chukwusom Okoye


It’s Execution O'clock 

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