Discover how to launch your ideas confidently from your expertise and experiences while packaging and positioning your value in a visible manner

In this FREE Training, you will learn proven strategies i have used in the past two years to launch profitable products, platforms and programs

Let me start by saying: This is all true.

You can authentically and confidently share your expertise with a wider audience while staying true to your values and maintaining credibility when you package it into a solid yet simple idea; Even though now, you don’t know how to do it. 

These days, you wake up with questions like; What specific steps can I take to build self-confidence and overcome feelings of these impostor syndrome? This feeling that makes you feel like you haven’t achieved so much so you cant show others how… 

 And to you, Its different from the make money now now message everyone has out there because you aspire to make a positive impact on your audience, industry, or society as a whole. You want your ideas and expertise to contribute to solving problems, driving innovation, and creating positive change in the world even while you earn a profitable income from it.

You have a strong desire to share your knowledge, insights, and experiences with others. You aim to inspire, educate, and empower people by providing valuable information and actionable advice. 

And so you start to ask, How can I build a thoughtful and engaged community of followers and influence more people who share my vision and can be impacted by my experiences and expertise. And because you know you don’t do mediocre, you are thinking, how can I do it in a way that I will be recognized as trusted authority in my field. You want to be able establish credibility and influence, gaining respect from peers and industry professionals.

Well, I created this TRAINING to answer your burning questions and show you HOW to...

  • Embrace your expertise and experiences, pursue your passion and create a ripple effect of positive influence by launching an idea that’s structured to deliver results. 
  • Answer questions such as “How do I deal with the pressure of maintaining a consistent and authentic public image while still being true to myself?” or “How can I effectively balance humility with the need to promote my achievements and expertise to gain recognition?”
  • Use the most effective ways to engage your audience and foster a sense of community, loyalty, and trust in my work even while making your value visible for paid opportunities. 
  • Manage complex ideas to make sure they resonate with your true audience and How you can communicate them in a way that they can understand the value and commit to it. 

My Goal is that at the end of this training, you’ll put aside your fears of Launching and understand how to launch in a way that opens the door for more influence and income without compromising on impact. 

This is My Why...

Hi! I’m Deborah Ijeoma. I’m a multipotentialite with different launched ideas that are profitable and purpose driven. I’m a Beauty Product Manufacturer and an Idea Launch Strategist. 

Taking my expressions, expertise and experiences and refining these ideas into impact plus income producing ventures has opened doors of opportunities for me. From Paid Speaking Opportunities to Grants, to Hosting Paid Events in cities I haven’t been to and selling out my tickets, to video and blog interviews and to even building a premium audience and leveraging my platform for profit, I can say I have seen the good and maybe bad side of launching Ideas.   

And when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I have helped my clients achieve similar results and even more. They’ve gone ahead to launch their ideas and sell out their tickets, penetrate new industries, get awards, receive PR mentions and more all because they decided to make more impact and generate good income while at it.  And now, its your turn, you can do this too. 

I’ve created this straightforward TRAINING to show you how I do this CONFIDENTLY…

And I’m doing this because I know that you have rich expertise that others can benefit from and you can leave a lasting legacy through your ideas, work, and impact. I know you want to be remembered for your contributions and the positive difference you  made in the lives of others and so, It all starts from Here. 

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures and outcomes discussed in this training reflect our personal achievements and, in some instances, the accomplishments of our previous and existing clients. Please be aware that these outcomes are not typical. We are not suggesting that you will replicate these results or achieve any specific outcome. The examples we provide are purely illustrative. Your results will differ, influenced by various factors such as your background, experience, and diligence. It is important to recognize that all businesses carry a level of risk and require consistent effort and action to succeed.

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