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With this bundle, You’ll access the very blueprint, templates, and tools I employed for a 7-figure launch with just 700 followers and have used to grow my influence profitably while making a laudable impact. Learn how to replicate my success, and get a plug-and-play blueprint for effectively launching diverse products, programs, and platforms while crafting a content strategy that turns followers into clients, creating content effortlessly, and sharing personal stories with authenticity.

You will get access to the Visible Value Bundle from Sept 11th but if you sign up today, you’ll get advantage of the Special Pricing Bonus PLUS Get access to a closed-door group session with me (Available for the first 10 People ONLY). 


  1. Recognize your Value Training Module (VALUE $560): Step into your value and understand how best to communicate it and make it visible in a way that connects with people and makes influencing them seamless.
  2. Redesign your Results for Relevance Training Module (VALUE $550): Find out how to talk about your past results and successes in a way that’s relevant for others and in a way that these results can be replicated.
  3. Refine your Impact + Income Plan Training Module (VALUE $450): Get step-by-step help to pick a method to launch a product, program, or product that makes an impact and at the same time grows your income and positions you for your visibility.
  4. Radiate your Uniqueness Training Module (VALUE $560):  Learn how to step into your unique strengths, skills, and successes and become confident in how you talk about what you do and infuse it into your approach.
  5. Reach for More Training Module (VALUE $360): Set up your idea for sustainable growth and understand how to attract opportunities that can open you to more.


  1. Plug and Play Templates (VALUE $250):  No need to worry about starting from scratch or getting stressed over how to organize your launch. With our five winning Plug and Play Templates, you’ll have the structure and systems you need to create a successful launch without any hassle.
  2. Visibility Starter Pack (VALUE $350): Inside, you’ll discover a Thought-Provoking Questionnaire and a Next Steps Blueprint to help plan your visibility. These insightful questions will lead you through each phase, helping you tackle obstacles, define attainable objectives, and chart a clear path to your idea’s launch success.
  3. Simple Launch Checklist (VALUE $150):  This checklist will keep you on track by highlighting the exact steps you need to take to ensure a successful launch so you save time and focus on things that matter.

Total Value is $3230

But take advantage of today’s pricing;

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