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Hi! I’m Deborah Ijeoma. I’m a multipotentialite with different launched ideas that are profitable and purpose driven. I’m a Beauty Product Manufacturer and an Idea Launch Strategist. 

Taking my expressions, expertise and experiences and refining these ideas into impact plus income producing ventures has opened doors of opportunities for me. From Paid Speaking Opportunities to Grants, to Hosting Paid Events in cities I haven’t been to and selling out my tickets, to video and blog interviews and to even building a premium audience and leveraging my platform for profit, I can say I have seen the good and maybe bad side of launching Ideas.   

And when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I have helped my clients achieve similar results and even more. They’ve gone ahead to launch their ideas and sell out their tickets, penetrate new industries, get awards, receive PR mentions and more all because they decided to make more impact and generate good income while at it.  And now, its your turn, you can do this too. 

I’ve created this straightforward Guide to show you how I do this CONFIDENTLY…

And I’m doing this because I know that you have rich expertise that others can benefit from and you can leave a lasting legacy through your ideas, work, and impact. I know you want to be remembered for your contributions and the positive difference you  made in the lives of others and so, It all starts from Here

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