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Before working with Debbie in ExecuTap, I could not define my service and my audience. I had aspirations to become a leader in my industry but I couldn’t even chart a course for myself. I had no idea how to get there. I thought it was all about posting. And I also thought with time, people will hear about me. I was tired of guess work and I couldn’t risk putting out something great but packaged with mediocrity plus I also knew I did not have my ideal clients in my sphere. The weeks I worked of ExecuTap, I feel like it was for a mindset reformation. I’d never had the entrepreneurial mindset so, it was a lot of escavation for me. She showed me what is possible. Because no one around me is entrepreneurial so that really capped my exposure to entrepreneurship. Also, I do everything with the consciousness of who I am becoming, not who I am now. If you just don’t want external metrics but transformation and clarity from within, talk to Coach Debbie.

Olamide A. // Reinvention Expert.

Before working with you in Executap, I was experiencing some difficulty with pivoting and transitioning from creating content about my value to becoming the kind of person that is seen as an expert in what I share. My message though relatable and informative, was not delivered in such a way that it would position me as an expert in my field or as someone who could offer the life-changing results I so often talked about. I wanted to position myself and restructure my value and I needed a framework that would allow me to seamlessly create structure around my expertise. Working with you was energetic. I found myself breaking certain limitations (both mentally and physically) and pursuing possibilities outside my comfort zone. I launched a signature product; It was more than just a launch or a transition for me because the entire process taught me a number of lessons about myself, the methods I will continually use to share my message and the importance of the message that I share. It also meant the beginning of a new thing. Because as I’ve launched one, I know can launch more. 

Chinyere O. // Personal Productivity Expert

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